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Samantha Falco
11 October 2015 @ 11:17 pm
Ah, it's been a while since I made a journal on here. I haven't been online much for the past week and I sort of dished out everything on DeviantArt instead of here.

So, today and last Sunday I attended a ceramics class at a local university. My art teacher of two years, who taught my ceramics class, asked me last year if I wanted to do it since she could only enroll two students. This class is every Sunday from 2-5 p.m. and it ends sometime in mid-December. It's nice so far and the teacher is really sweet. My only complaint about her is that she's always talking and listening to her Indian accent for three hours can get old. She has a cute sense of humor, though. Today we worked on Japanese-style cups outside the studio since it was such a nice day. We're also working on burnishing clay pots, which is a style of ceramic making that pays homage to the Native Americans. This class is very enriching to me because it's like a combination of history and art; two of my favorite things. What's really cool about it is that it builds a portfolio, and since I'm thinking about minoring in art when I get into college that's a good thing for me to have. The semester ends with a huge sculpture piece that will be displayed at an art show, and I'm planning on making a large peregrine falcon head with a chest. I was planning on making a full-bodied peregrine at first, but that might be too hard and we really don't have much time to work on our pieces. I'm excited to start working on that, though.

Okay, so the second thing in this journal's title is probably concerning. Well, to me it is. There's this old couple who live a couple doors down from me, and they have this cat who is actually a stray but it follows them when they go for walks and they feed it. It also sleeps in a doghouse in their backyard, I think. Today when my dad drove me home from my ceramics class, I saw said cat on our front lawn. My younger sister was in the car with us and wanted to pet him since we've pet him before and he's so soft. However, when my sister got within about ten feet of him and came to stand and was dragging his back leg as he tried to get away from her. My sister and I got closer to see if it was hurt, but he suddenly started seizuring. He got back up shortly after that dragged himself through the bushes in front of my neighbor's house. I followed him looking for blood so see if he was injured and was freaking out, but I was pretty sure that he just had a seizure. I found him at the side of my neighbor's house, and he seizured again. Then he hissed at me and started growling. I stayed about ten feet from him and watched him. He eventually crawled under a large tree/bush plant at the side of his "owners'" driveway and continued to growl at me. I know from prior knowledge that he was displaying symptoms of the rabies virus (paralysis, aggression, and seizures) so I called my county's animal control. Unfortunately the shelter that runs the animal control service was closed. I didn't consider calling the police since the cat didn't attack me and it didn't seem like a real emergency. I really don't know what to do now. The cat's owners weren't home at the time and it's too late to go over there now and tell them about their cat. Maybe I'll call animal control first thing in the morning, assuming this cat hasn't moved and won't move due to its paralyzed state. I know I need to tell the owners about the cat though before they try to touch him and get injured by him. If the cat is rabid he'll probably die on its own soon, but I kind of don't want him to suffer.
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Samantha Falco
23 September 2015 @ 01:21 pm
I'm not as stressed out today as I've been for the past two days, but some stuff went down that I need to vent about.
On Monday morning, I went into my 0 period chorus class that I have every morning at school. I hadn't been in the room for thirty seconds before I was approached by the bleeding heart liberal girl in my grade who I hate and another girl who is a sophomore asking if I posted a fan fiction on Tumblr. I got really nervous because I didn't, but I was scared that someone put something up with my name on it. Said fan fiction was about my chorus teacher and was a short parody of 50 Shades of Grey. Anyone who is familiar with that filth knows where this is going. Everyone was talking about it and twenty people or so came up to me asking if I did it. They were also asking my best friend because she hangs out with this teacher often and the two of us are like a unit. I didn't get to read it until fourth period during my lunch when someone texted me the link. It was kind of funny but highly disturbing. It was from the perspective of a student and how she had sex with this teacher. It was messed up. The reason why people thought I wrote it was because of a fan fiction I wrote in ninth grade about my math teacher taking over North Korea. That story was pretty messed up on many levels, but I wasn't stupid enough to post it online. See, people thought I wrote this story about my music teacher when I did not, so if I actually posted something like that people would know it was me. Anyway, I got so sick of people asking my friend and I if we did it and I feared someone who dislikes us would go to the principal and blame us for it. I went to the assistant principal, who is tougher and more familiar with me, and told him about the situation and that it was making me uncomfortable how people were thinking it was me. I gave him the link to the post and the investigation was underway. The teacher involved was informed by the principal about it during my younger sister's chorus class. He's very upset by this and it's terrible because posting crap like that online can destroy a teacher's reputation, and honestly he's a very good teacher and I consider him to be a friend. When I was in middle school I joked about him being creepy because he is awkward at times, but I eventually warmed up to him. Anyway, this whole situation has been stressful, and my teacher, friend, and I are in the middle of it.
Yesterday I got called into the main office during third period and I was scared that I got in trouble because perhaps someone mentioned the fan fiction I wrote years ago. No one did, but the principal asked why people would think I did it. I just said I'm a writer and because the story was so detailed like how I write people think it was me. I have a lot of people on my side who are being questioned and no one is mentioning the fan fiction. I'm so glad that I have so many people that are loyal to me like that. The assistant principal doesn't think I did it, but he has to ask certain questions. Last night it was reported and going around that the principal called Tumblr and got the email for the blog since the post was deleted an hour after I returned from the main office the first time, and since today is a day off they're going to get the police involved and track who posted it. I'm very pleased that the truth will prevail. My friend and I have gotten away with a lot of stuff that we shouldn't have done, such as prank calling a teacher when we were young and dumb, and losing a book with offensive drawings of terrible teachers for about two months that my other friend recovered from the desk in the principal's office. It's kind of funny how the one thing we didn't do we're getting blamed for, but it's a very stressful situation. I can't wait to find out who posted it. Whoever did it is forever an enemy of my teacher, my best friend, and I for putting us all through this.

On a happier note, my English teacher of two years offered me the position of president in the club that he runs called the Leadership Club. I've never been in it before and it's never been popular, but this year it's getting more attention. The club fair is next Wednesday and I'd be happy to sign up for it since it seems interesting. I'm proud of the fact that I'm not a straight A scholar or a popular kid and I get these unique opportunities offered to me that one would associate with such a student. I'm the only student in a committee of teachers and parents that make decisions regarding school codes and I'm a TA. It just goes to show how character and not kissing butts gets one places.
OH, speaking of kiss-ups, I have a short funny story to tell. So this one girl who is the biggest kiss-ass I've ever known came into my TA period while the students were working in groups. Said girl was a terrible kiss-up to the teacher who I TA for, but the teacher thinks she's annoying. The girl came in to say hi at first, but then she sat down with the students to help them and ultimately struck up a conversion with students she knew and was keeping them from getting their work done. I know she's still salty about this teacher not wanting her to be her TA because she thought she was her favorite student. Anyway, I got up and told her to let the students do their work done and she complied, bid me and the teacher goodbye, and left the room. I went back to helping the students who needed help, especially the ones were set back thanks to the ultimate ass kisser.
So, that's all for now. I will report who wrote that story when we find out, and I'll have my figurative bottle of champagne on stand by.
Samantha Falco
08 September 2015 @ 05:02 pm
It's been a while since my last entry on here. I've been so occupied with things that I've been too tired to type journals on LJ or DA to be frank. Well, here I am now to report some of the latest events in my life.

A few days ago, the annoying boys from across the street came to our door. My mom answered the door even though I told her to ignore it and let them go away. Well, I'm actually thankful that she didn't listen to me for once, because the boys who I abhor had a female house sparrow that was drowning in an open cooler in their backyard. They saved her and instead of being idiots and trying to nurse it themselves, they handed it over to us. I did tell them a couple years ago when they had a fledgling mourning dove to come to me if they find a possibly hurt bird, and surprisingly they remembered that and adhered to it. Anyway, said sparrow was almost soaking wet and shivering, and she looked like she was going to die. I knew she would make it, though. My mom and I put her in an old glass tank with a mesh lid on it under a lamp with an incandescent bulb to warm her up and dry her. We kept her overnight and by morning she was all better. She was so cute. My sister and I nicknamed her "Spooky" because she stared at us creepily.
Here's a photo I took of her when she got loose in the back room of our house. We just opened the sliding door and off she went.

Not much has been occurring art wise, but I've been on fire with my actual book. I also worked on For Rich or Poorer which is my Charles Falco story. Gosh, I still need to upload some chapters of that to DA. Right now my novel is my priority because I accidentally slacked off on that even though I had no reason to. Also, I'm feeling a burst of creativity and I'm letting that out on my writing. In regards to art, I'm still working on character bios for my "Quintonian" characters.
Speaking of writing, I had an amazing dream two nights ago. I was someone's pet budgie, and I looked just like my budgie Quint. I lived alone in a big cage that was just like Quint and Maxine's cage except the bars were colored white in the dream and not evergreen. I guess I was owned by a girl about my age because it had girl stuff but I remember seeing the workload of a high school student on the bed. Anyway, a pet sitter came by and decided to play with me, and I got scared of her and flew out the nearest open window. I flew into a tree and found a flock of house sparrows in the tree who could talk and told me to stay with them. I guess I couldn't find home because I didn't go straight home and stayed with the sparrows. We were eating seed together and a Cooper's hawk came down and started chasing me. I got away, but now I was even more lost since I was chased into the next town over or something like that. The dream ended after that, but it was interesting because I actually felt scared and lonely in the dream. I wrote it down when I woke up as I always do with interesting dreams, and it occurred to me that it would make a good story. I'm actually considering writing it as a book after I get As the Falcon Flies finished or published altogether. I actually have four book ideas as of now, including the one based on the budgie dream. Two of them are follow-ups to AtFF and the other is about a dog. Of course, I'm holding off on those until I get AtFF out of the way, which is my top priority and what my creativity is being directed towards. I'm almost done with it, actually. I already have the rest of the story typed up in a sort of Wikipedia-style plot page, so I know where I'm going. Some things may change but at least I have a "path" of some sort to follow.
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Samantha Falco
11 August 2015 @ 12:39 am
On Friday we went to Magic Kingdom. It was really fun. Even though I'm into extreme rides, I enjoyed every ride and attraction at Magic Kingdom despite everything being family-friendly. Aside from the rides we also went to some shows, like Monsters Inc. comedy show and Mickey's Philharmagic, the latter of which was 4D. Of the rides, my favorite was Space Mountain, which is a roller coaster in the dark. I also like Splash Mountain, but we went on at night so we were wet and cold for a while after the ride. Aley and my niece Michelle sat together in the front row of the flume.

Here's some photos from Magic Kingdom.

The castle in the day and at night

An American white ibis that walked right up to me. One of these walked up to me at Epcot, too. I guess they beg people for food because this one was eating popcorn off the ground. I'm going to have to add this bird to my life list as well.

A Bambi pillow pet that I got from Magic Kingdom. Bambi is my favorite movie of all time, but for some reason there isn't too much Bambi merchandise. This pillow is really comfy and I've been sleeping with it since I bought it.

Epcot was also enjoyable. It has a futuristic theme to it. My favorite ride was Soarin'; a flight simulator. Another favorite of mine was the one that goes through the Epcot globe (I forgot what it was called) which was a time travel thing that goes through past events that helped shape our future. Personally, futuristic "utopian-like" worlds freak me out a bit, but that's just conservative ISTJ me talking, haha. I don't find technological improvements to be abominations, though.
We also went to this 3D 80's short called Captain EO, which features Michael Jackson. It was also directed by George Lucas. I really liked it and thought it was cute.
There was also this Nemo ride that had an actual aquarium at the end. I was surprised to see that one of the tanks contained dolphins. I didn't get any photos of the dolphins, but it was cute to see.

Epcot also has replicas of several countries. We ate in Morocco and had dessert in France. Germany was my favorite of the countries. We didn't eat or buy anything there, but I loved the atmosphere. I actually am 15% German and I take a lot of pride in that along with my other nationalities.

The globe at Epcot during the day and at night:

Oh, and Epcot has these rock monuments that have pictures of Epcot's visitors on them. Aley spotted a person that looked eerily like me without glasses. The picture was taken in '04. My uncle said on Facebook that I must be the one to invent time travel in the future, haha.

Tomorrow we're going to Hollywood Studios. We're also going to SeaWorld on Saturday I think. I'm stoked for that because I really want to take photos of the orcas and dolphins. I'll take photos of other animals too, of course. Since Animal Kingdom I've been taking photos of the Cuban anoles and mourning doves that are all over the hotel.
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Samantha Falco
06 August 2015 @ 09:58 pm
We were up until 3 am last night for some reason. My older sister Lisa and I were walking around the hotel to get ice for the cooler, and she found this huge moth and some kind of lizard. I don't know what they are but maybe thagirion knows.

Here is the huge moth. I took a size comparison photo of it next to my hand.

Then there's this lizard I saw. It reminded me of some kind of gecko. It was cute. Good thing I had the shutter speed high because every time the flash went off this thing bolted.

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. I'll upload the photos on DA, but we went on the Safari Ride which was amazing. Seeing the male lion was the best part. I only got one good photo of him though because the truck stopped very briefly for photos.
Oh, and I also saw some Disney characters. Lisa got us autograph books for the characters, and so far I have Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck's signatures. I thought I would be too old for the costume characters, but I actually really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we're off to Magic Kingdom.
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Samantha Falco
06 August 2015 @ 01:30 am
Quick entry because it's past 1 am and I'm really tired.

We made it into Florida at around 12 pm. I saw two new birds to add to my life list so far: sandhill crane (two juveniles) and a swallow-tailed kite.
In the evening we went to Universal to the city walk thing. We ate at the NBA City restaurant and the food was really good. After that we just walked around, went to the gift shop (I got a Shrek keychain since I love Shrek), and then I played mini golf. I got a hole in one on one of the holes and it felt really good.

Here are some photos from today:

Bubba Gump Shrimp. We were going to eat here but it was really expensive. This was in Universal. I love Forrest Gump and I had to take a photo of this.

NBA City had basketball models near the entrance with the hand prints of famous NBA players. Kobe Bryant's hand was probably the largest, and I put my hand in his print.

I managed to get the spinning Universal logo without people getting in my way. I was worried that people were going to take up the massive amount of space I had in front of me, but I was thankful that no one didn't. I really like this.

Scorpion pop in the gift shop. I didn't know these existed. I'll probably get one of these from a gift shop around here since everything is cheaper outside of the parks. I want to try one these if I can get my hands on one.
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Samantha Falco
02 August 2015 @ 10:04 pm
Well, by midnight tomorrow night I'll be on the road to Florida. I'm excited but I do feel a bit anxious. I had to do a lot of work today, such as cleaning all the bird cages. I also had to run some errands with my dad which included giving money to my older sister for the rental car we'll be using and picking up some tank tops she got for my younger sister and I to wear. After that we stopped to get my eyebrows waxed, which only took literally five minutes so it wasn't a big deal. One downside of having Greek blood is having caterpillar-esque eyebrows which I don't like, haha. I also took a really good shower so I now feel squeaky clean for the trip.
I'm going to do most of my packing tomorrow since we're getting dropped off at my sister's house at around 10:00 p.m. Well, knowing me I'm going to spend most of my time going through the list over and over for most of the day to ensure I have everything. Then I'm going to set aside an hour or so to play with my birds and give them all the boops they'll need. I give them each a boop every night before covering their cages, which is basically me gently touching their beaks and saying "boop". I have to boop the bars on Crosby's cage because he bites really hard and isn't the type to receive a booping.

Speaking of the birds, here are some photos I took recently that I wanted to share. I don't post enough of my birds and I wanted to take some of this journal to do so.

And my personal favorite of this photo set is one of Ollie trying to get Quint's attention:

That's all for now. I'm afraid I won't be too active online while on vacation except for posting daily entries here. The only one who I'll have to keep in touch with is thagirion because we're planning on meeting up.
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Samantha Falco
29 July 2015 @ 09:36 pm
I've been really bad with getting stuff done lately. I still have a lot of photos to upload on DA and I have to finish up audes_lj's commission. In regards to art I've been bad because I've been soaking up too much summer. I also hope to get some more OC art done before I go away.

I just found out yesterday that we'll be leaving for Florida the night of August 4th. We originally going to leave two days later but I have no idea what happened, which extends our trip to 14 days. I'm excited but I'm also really nervous. I love travelling, but I've never been on vacation for more than five days. Plus, I've never been further south than Washington D.C., so going to far down south in one night (we'll be travelling for one day and spend one night in Georgia) will be like culture shock for me. On top of that, my parents will be going upstate for a few days while we're away, and my uncle is going to take care of our animals. I'm nervous for my birds. I always type and print out very detailed instructions for my birds when we go away, so I have to remember to do that.
Also, 14 days is too long to let my book sit around. I've been on a roll with that and since I have a lot left to go I want to take my laptop with me. I'll also be bringing my laptop to journal each day of our trip.
Today we did some shopping. I got a new pair of Vans that have a cool galaxy design on them. Vans are the only shoes I ever wear because I find them really comfy. I fell in love with this pair as soon as I walked in the store, and thankfully my size was in stock. Here's what they look like:

My older sister got Aley and I tank tops today. I don't know what color they are but I don't care as long as I'm comfortable.

I also had to upload all the photos from my phone to my PC. I'm bringing my phone mostly to listen to music on the road, but also take quick photos and videos. I'm bringing my actual camera for Animal Kingdom, which is also why I need to upload the photos that are on there now to DA.

Other than trip preparations, nothing else has been going on. I've been having a lot of dreams involving my book characters and, for some reason, my favorite fictional character who is from a video game. Last night I had a funny dream about me and Michelle Obama role playing as two characters from my novel, Chatri and King Bloodclaw, at the local playground. In the end they fight to the death, so I found it funny that I got Michelle Obama to reenact that. Although I don't care about her at all, so in real life I probably would want someone else to act that scene out. As for my favorite fictional character, Arpeggio (a parrot from an old video game that I like), he's just been randomly appearing in my dreams literally every night for the past two nights. He doesn't do much except for stand around and maybe say something to me, but I can never remember what he says when I wake up. Hmm.
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Samantha Falco
22 July 2015 @ 05:25 pm
I've been working on my novel a lot lately. I'm planning on backing it up here on LJ so I will post chapters in locked entries so my friends can read them if they want.
I actually don't tell people about my book a lot, mainly because it's a mouthful, but I'll try to give a very brief summation of the plot. A realm of red-tailed hawks known as the Clawdan Realm conquers the Peregrinian Realm, which obviously is a realm of peregrine falcons. The Peregrinian peregrine falcons are enslaved but the protagonist, Keetkah, plans an escape with other Peregrinians. An elderly peregrine falcon tells Keetkah that he knows of a landmass across the sea to the east, which he discovered during his travels while making maps, and figures it would be an ideal place to escape to. However, the old peregrine never visited the landmass so the whole thing is sort of a gamble, but the Peregrinians are willing to escape anyway. The king of the Clawdan Realm, Bloodclaw, has some beef with Keetkah, so when he gets word of a group of Peregrinian laborers escaping, he goes after the escapees in the company of three Clawdan officers.
Anyway, I've been having a lot of dream lately involving this story, but they're not being helpful. A while back I had a dream about the characters in my story and it helped me fix a minor plot hole and give a character a complex backstory. In that dream, I was a Peregrinian peregrine falcon, but I wasn't any of my characters. I was just an observer. Lately I've been having dreams in which I am a character from my book, but these dreams haven't given me any ideas, and it's really annoying. I've been on a roll with my writing, but I don't mind getting ideas from dreams and seeing if they work out.
For the past year I've been writing down my dreams almost every morning when I wake up, and I found that it's improved my lucid dreaming skills somehow. I definitely have more control over my dreams now than I did one year ago, but I can only do so much. Anyway, last week I dreamed that I was a character in my novel who is a red fox named Swiftrunner. He's a criminal in his realm--the Baldoeagalian Realm of bald eagles--for accidentally killing the princess for food during a bad winter. At first, he doesn't want to escape because his dead mate, who he swore to never leave, is buried in his home realm and he feels as though he'll be breaking his promise (which he takes very seriously) by leaving the realm. After some coercing, Keetkah convinces him to escape with them. In the dream, I (Swiftrunner) had a camera made of rocks and copper wires, and was taking photos of our surroundings as we travelled so we could send the photos back to the Peregrinian Realm. This was supposed to help more Peregrinians escape in the future because they would know what they should see along the way and would know that they're going the right way. For a moment, I was having fun in this dream and thought it would be a good idea in my book for some reason, but then I got mad at myself in the dream for thinking that and called myself stupid, for obvious reasons. For one thing, there are no humans in this story. Also, the characters in my story can only make things like necklaces out of leather strings, shells, and gems, or the pelts of other animals for wearing during cold weather to avoid having to migrate. They have no grasp of complex technology such as cameras. I thought it was funny how a camera made of only rock and copper (the characters in my story can use some earth metals) actually worked, but then I yelled at myself to stop dreaming that and change the dream.
The next dream I had was two nights ago. I was now Keetkah, the main protagonist, and we were flying across a desert akin to Sandy Shores from Grand Theft Auto V. It was okay at first, except I knew right away that it was all wrong. There are no deserts in my story. The environments in my story are based off the range from the Catskills of upstate New York to the south shore of Long Island. There wouldn't be any deserts. Also, we were flying. The characters in my story travel on foot for the most part to avoid being spotted and attacked in the open sky by raptors from other realms, and also because one of the major characters (the elderly peregrine) is almost completely blind and is took weak to fly long distances if he has to fly. I just let the dream be for a bit though to wait and see if anything interesting happened that would give me an idea. All was well until we were attacked by an army of Clawdans (there are only supposed to be four after the escapees in my story) and we were being shot at by humans with shotguns. I stopped that dream too because it got too ridiculous, and it changed to another, unrelated dream in which I was riding a buffalo, leading an army into some battle with the Mexican army in Red Dead Redemption.
Last night, I dreamed about being the main protagonist again. We were where I left off writing my book prior to me going to sleep, and it was going well. I have my story already planned out, so I knew where we were supposed to be going with this dream, but the other characters weren't cooperating. In an instant, we were at the end of the story, and I yelled at the other peregrine falcon characters for skipping to the end. In real life, I still have a lot left of the story to go, but it's coming along. So after me yelling at the other characters I just wound up in another dream, which was actually fun and I want to write about it in a separate journal entry.
I can lucidly dream, but I can't seem to control any of these dreams involving my novel. It's like my psyche is making unsolicited parodies of my novel. I wouldn't mind these dreams if I was done writing the story, but I'm writing it and I want good ideas. I need to whip my mind into allowing me to dream "productive" dreams.
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Samantha Falco
15 July 2015 @ 10:47 pm
This will be my life list for birds. My life list differs from a typical life list though because I've decided to take birds I've seen in captivity into account, even though one isn't supposed to do that. I'm not going to pretend I've never seen a bird just because it was in captivity and not in its natural habitat. Any bird marked with a "C" in parenthesis is a bird I've seen in captivity. All birds I've seen for the first time in the wild will have no such marks. I also categorized the birds in this list based on how my Audubon field guide books categorizes birds, but I made my own categories to make things easier.

Long-legged Waders
Black-crowned Night Heron
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret
Greater Flamingo
Lesser Flamingo
Snowy Egret
White Ibis
Wood Stork

Gull-like Birds
Black Skimmer
Common Tern
Great Black-backed Gull
Herring Gull
Laughing Gull

Upright-perching Water Birds
Double-crested Cormorant

Duck-like Birds
Brown Pelican
Canada Goose
Domestic Duck (C)
Hawaiian Goose (C)
Hooded Merganser (C)
Mute Swan
Ruddy Duck (C)

Sandpiper-like Birds
American Oystercatcher
Common Snipe
Piping Plover
Spotted Sandpiper

Upland Ground Birds
Ring-necked Pheasant (C)
Ruffed Grouse
Wild Turkey

Barn Owl (C)
Barred Owl
Eastern Screech Owl (C)
Great Gray Owl (C)
Great-horned Owl (C)

Hawk-like Birds
American Kestrel (C)
Bald Eagle
Cooper's Hawk
Merlin (C)
Peregrine Falcon
Red-tailed Hawk
Swallow-tailed Kite
Turkey Vulture

Pigeon-like Birds
Eurasian Collared Dove (C)
Mourning Dove
Rock Dove
Victoria Crowned Pigeon (C)

Swallow-like Birds
Barn Swallow
Chimney Swift

Tree-clinging Birds
Hairy Woodpecker
Northern “Yellow-shafted” Flicker
White-breasted Nuthatch

Perching Birds
American Crow
American Goldfinch
American Robin
Baltimore Oriole
Belted Kingfisher
Black-capped Chickadee
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Blue Jay
Boat-tailed Grackle
Common Grackle
Common Raven
Domestic Canary (C)
Eastern Bluebird
European Starling
Gouldian Finch (C)
Gray Catbird
House Sparrow
Northern Cardinal
Northern Mockingbird
Pied Crow (C)
Pine Warbler
Red-sided Towhee
Red-winged Blackbird
Rufous-sided Towhee
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Song Sparrow
Tufted “Black-Crested” Titmouse
White-throated Sparrow
Zebra Finch (C)

African Grey Parrot (C)
Blue and Yellow Macaw (C)
Budgerigar Parakeet (C)
Cockatiel (C)
Great Green Macaw (C)
Green-cheeked Conure (C)
Green-winged Macaw (C)
Hyacinth Macaw (C)
Monk Parakeet (we have wild populations here on Long Island)
Palm Cockatoo (C)
Peach-faced Lovebird (C)
Rainbow Lorikeet (C)
Rose-breasted Cockatoo (C)
Scarlet Macaw (C)
Sun Conure (C)
Umbrella Cockatoo (C)
Yellow-crested Cockatoo

Adelie Penguin (C)
African Penguin (C)
Chinstrap Penguin (C)
Demoiselle Crane (C)
Emperor Penguin (C)
Emu (C)
Gentoo Penguin (C)
Guinea Fowl (C)
Indian Peafowl (C)
Macaroni Penguin (C)
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